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Sound Therapy

My mission is to help individuals find relief from grief and pain. Using the Sound Therapy service which combines the use of a PEMF mat with infrared heat, AO Scan technology, and AO Tune Negative Ion Transducers, providing a unique and deeply healing experience. The package offers 4 sessions, each tailored to the emotions and sensations associated with loss, and designed to help the griever take the necessary steps towards recovery.


Grief Recovery Method

The revolutionary Grief Recovery Method teaches you how to recover from grief and loss in a way that is evidence-based and effective. With specific tools and a proven approach, you learn to navigate the maze of emotions associated with loss and find a way to move forward. This interactive one-on-one program is designed to guide you through the process  over the course of 7 weeks with support and understanding. 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

After Care

After Care Sound Healing services are designed to provide you with the support you need after completing your Grief Recovery Method sessions. The 4 weekly sessions of sound healing meditations are specifically designed to help you continue your journey of healing, and are available to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. With 60 minutes in each session, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and find peace.

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