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1. Discovery Call

30-minute conversation about what the main goal of the company is and what Sound Bath intention would be best siuted for you/your group/your team.

2. Schedule

Add your Sound Bath to the calendar. 

All payments are collected in full at the time of the booking.  Cancellation and rescheduling policies will be shared at this time. 

3. Sound Bath

I arrive 45 minutes prior to the Sound Bath scheduled time/set up instruments/clear and prepare the space for the session.

4. Coaching (for corporate)

To begin the session, I convey the theme of the sound bath and intention of the management team.  This provides the group with powerful consciousness and sets the collective mind on creating the energetic shift. I lead them through a guided meditation and into the sound. 

Sound Healing

Personal Sound Healing

Personalize your sound bath to meet

your specific needs. 

The ultimate in self love as you 

alchemize your energy. 

Rest. Heal. Uplift.

It's all about you.

Small Group Sound Healing

No matter the occasion, I offer sound baths

that are tailored to your desired experience.

  • Create refreshing and uplifting energy for a bachelorette party

  • Celebrate a birthday intentionally while alchemizing energy for lasting change 

  • Create rest and restorative energy for a baby shower

  • Full Moon ceremonies are made complete using the transformative and deep healing frequencies of a sound bath

  • New moon energy elevates and energizes.  Enhance and alchemize new moon energy during a sound bath

Corporate Sound Healing

Each business has an energy of its own.

Just as it takes time and money to make

great products and improve services, 

we need to take care of the

true energy of the company - the people. 

If your employees are stressed out,

unhappy and burned out, it will not matter

how great your products and services are.

The company will not be operating at its highest level.

Coming Soon:
Sound Healing
Meditations via

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