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Common Responses to Sound Healing

You're signed up to attend a sound bath and you have no idea what to expect. Will you enjoy it? Is it something that will be life changing? Is sound healing simply the next "trendy" thing to do? Let's explore, shall we?

Prior to the start of the session, it is likely that the sound healer will have energetically prepared the space as well as physically prepared the space. What does this mean? As we know everything is energy, and energy has a frequency. Therefore, it is important to "set the stage" and clear the space of any old, stagnant energy. This prepares for the highest and best outcome of each sound bath and is a very important step in the process. Prayers are said, sage or insense is burned, and intentions of love and healing (or other specific positive intentions) are set for the room as well as for each participant.

During a sound healing session, you will find a comfortable seated or lying position, depending on the space provided. The session may inclued movement, guided meditation, and breathwork to enhance the healing experience. The healer will play one or more instruments around the room, or around the participants creating sound waves that travel through the body.

As the sound passes through you, it balances your body, mind, and spirit by clearing blockages in the energy flow and helping your body release tension and stress. Some people feel energized and a sense of well-being after a sound healing session, while others may feel a bit emotional and feel the need to rest. Some people describe the sound vibrations as feeling warm or tingly. Others say they feel the vibrations in their muscles or bones, and still others report no sensation at all.

Other common responses to sound healing sessions can include:

Emotional release (crying, laughing, etc)

Tired or sleepy

Pressure in different body parts

Deep meditative state


Decreased blood pressure

Decreased heart rate

Decreased respiration rate

Feeling of warm/tingly sensations in your body



Sensation of energy movement

Pain reduction

Reduced muscle tension

Deeper relaxation and ability to focus

Increased energy and vitality

Less fatigue and depression

Intensification of all senses

Muscle twitching or cramping



Sensation of heat or cold

Visualization of colors or memories

Flushing or blushing

Deep relaxation, lightness, floating sensation


Pins and needles (indication of stagnant energy)

Increased body temperature

Irregular breathing patterns

Sensation of physical, emotional, and energetic release

Unexpected feelings or thoughts

Realigning with your True Self


Body more flexible/fluidity

Spontaneous strecthing or shaking

Feelings of love, hope, joy

Detox symptoms

After a sound healing session, if you are experiencing any detox symptoms such as feeling tired, thirsty, headaches, etc, make sure to drink plenty of water, get rest, and eat light meals. If you notice any exacerbated symptom of any current dis-ease you have in your body, go slow and be gentle with yourself. Remember, you have just exposed every cell in your body to new vibrations and a higher frequency of being. It may take time to process and shift your VIBE.

We are all different and our bodies may respond differently. Age, gender, health level, mental states all play a factor. Sound and frequency therapy may not be a healing tool that works for everyone. If you have a serious medical condition or if you are pregnant, use caution and consult your medical practicioner. Sound therapy is not a subtitute for current medical protocols nor is it intended to cure any illness or disease. It is an effective healing tool that can help people feel better, healthier, and stronger.

Have fun with this healing modality. Use it to bring your body into a higher state of healing, your mind into deeper states of consciousness, and your soul into a truer state of being.


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