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TC Chicago Sound Therapy
Grief Recovery

A unique approach to healing grief.  Sound Healing and The Grief Recovery Method are combined to bring deep and complete healing.

You deserve to heal.  I have the tools.  Let's chat. 

I am here to lead the Grief Revolution! 


Change your perception about grief

and have a different conversation 


Take action towards understanding 

what grief is and how to attain the tools and the support to fully recover


Recovery is a process.  Success depends on support, tools, and dedication

Rewrite your story about grief

It is time for you to change your relationship with grief 



  • a big change or improvement in the way that something works or looks, or in the way that people do a particular activity

  • a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm

Myths about grief

Dont feel bad

When we experience loss, our heart is broken. It is natural to feel bad.  Being told not to feel bad is not helpful and even harmful to the recovery process.  

Replace the loss

Society tells us to just "get another" of whatever we have lost. An animal, a partner, a job.  This does not address the pain that comes with the loss. 

Grieve Alone

Talking about grief in society is uncomfortable, therefore a griever thinks she needs to do it in isolation so she doesn't make anyone feel weird.  Isolation only makes the grieving process worse. 

Time Heals

Time does not heal a broken heart.  If someone fell and broke their arm, would you tell them, time will heal that broken arm? 

Be Strong

Trying to be strong for others when grieving is dangerous.  It does not allow the griever to tell the truth about how he is feeling, therefore can not process nor recover from the painful emotions assiciated with loss. 

Keep Busy

A busy schedule does not help the griever heal from the loss.  It just makes them busier.  This may assist in keeping their minds off of the reality of the loss, but it does not lead to recovery. 


Sound Therapy

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible treatment using Sound Therapy. We believe that by using the latest technology, we can offer a unique and deeply healing experience for those in need of relief from grief and pain. Our AO Scan technology allows us to identify imbalances and energy blockages in the body, while our AO Tune Negative Ion Transducers use sound waves to facilitate healing. Combined with the use of a PEMF mat and infrared heat, our Sound Therapy is designed to help our clients achieve complete relaxation and inner peace.

Grief Recovery

Grief if universal and everyone experiences it differently.  There is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  However, if you have experienced loss, the Grief Recovery Method will revolutionize your relationship with grief.  Recovery can be a challenging journey, but with expert guidance and dedicated one-on-one personal attention, deep healing is possible.  The evidence-based course is designed to help you effectively face your emotional challenges and learn tools to use for all losses than can occur in your lifetime.  The 7-week interactive workshop will allow you to change your relationship with grief. 

After Care Sound

Enjoy online sound healing meditations to help you continue the healing process and integreate the tools you've gained after completing the workshop. The ancient healing practice of using sound creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere for you to relax and continue the healing process.  A variety of healing instruments are used including crystal singing bowls, a crystal harp, flute, drums, gong, chimes and many more to promote phycical and emotional well-being. 

It's all about
a dialogue

These are clients who have

taken charge of their story,

done the work, and are part of

the Grief Revolution! 

TC led me through the 7-week process in an empathetic and nonjudgmental style that allowed me to unpack, process, and move through my grief.  I continue to use the tools that she taught me, and she has always been available with a compassionate ear.  If you are in need of healing and are stuck in grief, TC has the tools and the heart to walk beside you on your journey.

Trish C
Tucson, AZ

TC has a magical way with her instruments. Her energy is so calm and welcoming. A true gem! You’ll leave her sound healing sessions feeling refreshed and restored.

Amy D
Tucson, AZ

The sound healing sessions conducted and guided by TC Chicago are a wonderful and transformative experience. I have attended many times. TC always offers a safe and calming environment indoors and outdoors, publicly with large groups and small private sessions. TC’s spirit of joy, well-being and community resonates with the relaxing and invigorating sounds she skillfully creates. I am very thankful for TC and her sound healing.

Tucson, AZ

Grief got you puzzled?

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