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I am passionate about helping people discover true health and wellness.  Whether you're dealing with stress, physical pain, emotional trauma, or just looking to boost your overall well-being, I can help. My services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and my goal is always to create a supportive and safe space where you can explore your full potential. 

I am
TC Chicago 

As a Grief Recovery Specialist certified through the Grief Recovery Institute, I am deeply passionate about guiding individuals through their unique grief journeys utilizing evidence-based methods for healing.


My personal experiences have fueled my commitment to assisting others in their path to emotional well-being. I encountered profound loss within a very condensed period of time, igniting a pursuit for genuine healing. This quest led me to discover invaluable tools such as the Grief Recovery Method,  Sound Healing, Yin Yoga, Emotion Code, and dynamic breathwork.  Embracing these alternative modes of healing brought about immediate and transformative effects. The impact was so profound that others began to inquire about the positive shift they witnessed in my life. This organic progression led me to attain certification in the very method that facilitated my own healing, and I have since embarked on the meaningful journey of helping others traverse their own paths towards emotional resolution.


My background in administration and sales, paired with my education in psychology, has uniquely equipped me to understand the intricate facets of human emotions and the depth of healing required following situations of emotional loss. The Grief Recovery Method, with its evidence-based and effective approach to addressing the pain of emotional loss and its impact on relationships, has become an integral part of my holistic approach to aiding those in need.


Grief is a universal experience, and my commitment to utilizing evidence-based methods underscores my dedication to providing a genuine and effective means for those seeking emotional resolution and healing.

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