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History of Sound Healing

Sound healing techniques have been practiced for thousands of years. Adding to the art of accupuncture, the Chinese believed that the energy of the body was affected by tone and vibrations, so they added sound to dull the pain of the needles. Through experience they discovered certain sounds could heal various ailments in the organs of the body and lessen effects of emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness.

Benefits of sound healing are endless
Sound Healing

Greece and other Mediterranean countries used music to heal physical wounds, sicknesses, and mental problems. They believed that music could help them connect to their gods and access higher levels of consciousness.

During midieval times, musical chanting and religious ceremonies performed by monks and priests was utilized. Throughout all of Europe mental illness was cured and spiritual enlightenment was accessed using the healing tones of musical frequencies.

Other cultures practice traditional healing through frequency and sound as well. Aborigines, Tibetans, Indians, and Egyptians all had their own methods in which to heal and access higher states of consciousness. Indigenous tribes world wide have been aware of the use of sound as power medicinal therapy.

Thousands of years ago, some cultures believed that illness was caused by evil spirits entering the body and upsetting the balance. The belief was that each illness had its own spirit that could only be expelled and healed by using a specific sound. Other cultures view sound as a way to stimulate the brain. Each activated area of the brain stimulates different bodily functions such as blood flow and circulation, relieving stress, and assisting the body in healing.

Most recently, in the 1900s, physicians began using ultrasound for imaging purposes. Dr. Royal Fife, a microbiologist, inventor, and researcher used audio frequency devices to study microbes in the 1940s. This is when science began to uncover the true power of sound on the human body. Dr. Rife exposed microorganisms (bacteria/virus/fungus) to various electromagnetic frequencies in an attempt t destroy them. He was also able to destroy cancer cells with these EMFs. In 1934, using the EMFs he was able to "cure" 16

of 16 terminally ill cancer patients. He claimed that his frequency generator could "annihilate virus and bacteria," and that it could "destroy any virus or bacteria within 15 minutes." He also claimed that "there was not a single disease on the face of the earth that could not be cured," with his generator.

From modern researchers to ancient Shamanic practices, sound healing is an ageless modality of healing. Today's modern sound therapists use drums, rattles, gongs, bells, singing bowls and voice to facilitate space to heal.

A bit skeptical? Open your mind, drop the belief that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. Do some research for yourself. Find a local Sound Healing practicioner and begin your journey of healing using sound! You'll be glad you did!


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