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AO Scan Features

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan technology performs Morning, Midday, and Evening scans. This process uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency, as well as colors and musical tones to assist in creating more balance.

EZ Scan

The EZ Scan technology is the most convenient and simplest way to perform Inner-Voice, Vitals Scan, Comprehensive Scan, and the associated optimizations all under 6 minutes. The EZ Scan report contains all 3 results in one.

Inner Voice 

The Inner Voice technology uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum of humans to diminish frequencies that are in excess and supplement frequencies that are lacking.

Vitals Scan

The Vitals Scan performs a scan of 550+ Blueprint Frequencies associated with bodily functions and performs the analysis (3 mins or less). It is a concise snapshot of blueprint frequencies being produced by the blood, organs, and systems of the body.

Body Systems Scan

he Body Systems scan performs a complete and thorough scan and optimization of hundreds of Blueprint Frequencies associated with 13 body systems. This scan complements the results provided in the Vitals and Comprehensive scan.

Comprehensive Scan

The Comprehensive Scan performs a detailed scan of the frequencies from over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes. The scan provides a graphical report displaying variances from blueprint homeostasis ranging from 1 to 9.


The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (SEFI) technology is designed to capture, amplify, and imprint subtle energy frequencies, and can either broadcast or imprint those frequencies into any element or item.

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AO Scan Technology

The AO Scan Technology program is a unique educational tool that can help you learn about how your body is performing. It communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, you can then make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance.

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