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About me

Hi. I am TC Chicago 

Between 2010-2012 I experienced many shifts in my life that led me to a crossroad.  Do I keep this pace and continue a mediocre and unfulfilling life, or do I walk my own path and make my own way?  I choose the latter. This was not an easy choice as it included leaving everything I knew behind.

My background and gifts

My education includes psychology, specializing in grief work and my career background is that of sales and business admin. I am a yoga instructor as well as YOGABODY certified breath coach. I hold certificates in energy healing modalities including Emotion Code, Reiki, and the Grief Recovery Method. 

I have been using sound baths for over a decade. Not only for my personal healing and transformation, but to serve my clients as well. 


As I began my personal deep healing work, it was a natural transition for me to begin guiding others using the same transformative tools.    

My education and experience combined with my intuition creates a unique experience of logic, wisdom, and energy transformation.

Clients gain tools to create long lasting, tangible benefits.

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